Programs & Curriculum


At Ninos, we have carefully designed our own curriculum based upon eight domain principal of International Kindergarten program. We have blended uses of Montessori methods with eight domain principal of International Kindergarten program. Result, our blended curriculum sharply focuses on physical, psychological and intellectual development of a child.

Our curriculum strikes balance between academic and co-curricular activities. It is designed to bring out creativity of children and to make them independent. Art, drama, music and sports are given equal weightage to have overall growth of children.

The Eight domain of International Kindergarten program which are used at formative years of a child are as following.

Social & Emotional Development

We provide an inclusive environment where children involve in various group activities, interact with each other, express emotions and develop a positive sense for themselves and other. The inclusive environment helps to develop good social and emotional skills and respect for each other.


Physical Development and Health

At Ninos, our all campuses have big play area both in and outside classrooms where children can develop their gross motor skills (Coordination and control of large muscle like walking, sitting and running) and fine motor skills (coordination and control of small muscles like scribbling with pencil, holding a rattle and picking up particle). We provide notorious and healthy food in brunch so that children remain healthy all the time.


Language & Literacy Development

We develop phonological awareness skills (linking of sounds and letters) of children through phonetic system. We provide word puzzles, reading and writing materials which create interest and make them practice their newly acquired skills. We encourage interactive reading and dialogic reading which helps to develop better reading and listening skills.



We use approximation activities in initial year to develop numeracy skills in children. We provide toys and blocks which makes children to understand shape and size. We support children to understand patterns and to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.


Practical Skills

We make children aware about the world around them. Children are experimenters and testers from birth. We help them to view the world scientifically by, creating curiosity about everyday activities, craft projects, simple demonstration, scientific activities and answering their why question about the nature by connecting dots.


Visual & Performing Arts

Our visual arts program for children incorporates key elements of art, craft and design. We encourage children to bring out their creativity in the art work. We also display children’s own art work so it gives them feeling of proud. We inspire children to take part in role play, dance, drama and music under our performing arts program which enhances their understanding about human relations and behaviour.


Digital Learning

We believe that digital learning is an important tool for toddler in 21st century of used appropriately. It supports and enhances children understanding about the world and external environment. We make children understand how to use interactive touch screen media, digital camera and technology tools. We also ensure that we use age appropriate technological tools.


Social Awareness

Children get their first sense of community outside the home when they start attending preschool. We make children aware about their friends, neighbourhood and world around them. We celebrate events and engage children in cultural activities for their better understanding about tradition and culture. Regular field trips to different places like supermarket, restaurants, museums etc. to make them better understand history and world around them.