About Us


Ninos is a part of Khyti Group’s Education vertical. The group runs Firdaus Memorial Charity & Education Trust which is one of the oldest Education Trust of Ahmedabad and Khyati Foundation. The group runs several education institutes namely Amrut School, Firdaus Amrut Centre, Amrut Indian School, Khyati Institute of Physiotherapy, Khyati Institute of Integrated Law and Khyati Institute of Science under both of these trusts. The group has also pioneered first CBSE international school of Gujarat namely “Amrut Indian School”.

The group firmly believes that education plays an important role in building great society and nation. It is important that early age education provides overall growth, shape the attitude towards life and build unique personality. At Ninos, we have inherited above characteristics in our program.

Our Ethos

Ninos is a coeducational pre-school chain which firmly believes:
  • Every Child is unique and he/she should be treated individually according to his/her learning capabilities.
  • The children should have fun filled education environment, caring teachers and safe and secure place so they can explore their full potential
  • The curriculum should focus on children’s overall growth and strike balance between academic and co-curricular activities. Sports, art and music are given equal importance as the academic subjects.
  • Nursery education is a phase where we nurture children’s learning habits and moral values through strong support system which encompasses their family, friends, peers, teachers and school.

At Ninos, we ensure that children’s are appreciated for their personal and academic achievements. We also ensure that we remain child centric while encouraging children to deliver superior academic result.

Kartik Patel
Chairman and Founder

Unique Features of Ninos,

  • Learning through Environment and experiences
  • Child’s growth is our primary motive
  • Big play area
  • Lower child to teacher ratio
  • Curriculum which enhances child’s development
  • Curriculum with a different usage of Montessori method
  • Play way method and experiential Learning
  • Child Friendly and non toxic toys
  • Trained and Educated Teachers and staff
  • Water pool and sand play
  • Role play, Theatre and Dramatics
  • Puppet Theatre and Library
  • Celebrations, Events and Culture Activities
  • Field Trip for practical training
  • Aerobics and Yoga

Life At Ninos

Our Classrooms are bright, spacious, airy and designed to attract toddlers. We have carefully planned interest areas where children can engage themselves in various activities. We have variety of materials like blocks, educational games and puzzles and play areas both inside and outside classrooms so that children can develop their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Our classrooms also have free are area where children can develop their drawing skills and writing skills of letters and creative expression. We also have art work display area where we keep art work done children which gives them feeling of proud.

Our teachers are well trained for International Kindergarten Program and Montessori methods. They follow child centric approach while teaching children. They are caring and emotionally attach themselves with children to make them feel like home.

Our Curriculum is based on eight domain of International Kindergarten program which focuses on overall growth of a child. The program has balanced approach towards art, sports, music and academic.

We have simplified version of school uniform for children. We provide brunch facility to children where we serve hot, healthy & nutritious food.